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Osteopathy Australia Annual Conference 2015


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) concepts in a manual therapy setting

Alison Sim

Of all the single modality approaches used in the treatment of chronic pain, CBT approaches show some of the most promising results.  There is a strong body of evidence that suggests CBT can be effective at improving pain scores, reducing disability and improving return to work.  However, making a referral to a psychologist as a manual therapist for that patient in pain, can be extremely difficult.  The most common response we would hear is “you think my pain is all in my head”.

This session covers:

  • What CBT is and what the literature tells us about it.
  •  How we can use pain education as a tool to underpin our clinical management to include CBT or other thought based approaches.  
  • How we can get our patients on board with these approaches, including how we can make an effective referral to a psychologist.  
  • How can we incorporate some of these CBT style approaches into our interactions with patients, most particularly while we deliver pain education, while firmly staying within the boundaries of our scope of practice?