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Osteopathy Australia Annual Conference 2015


Floor Sitting Postures that 'Tune' the Physique

Phillip Beach

Workshop summary: This workshop will introduce postures that the human physique has been resting in for millions of years. They are as deeply embedded in our biomechanical health as 120/80mmHg is to our cardiovascular health. To carry the analogy further they are as the diastolic to the systolic movements of life. We will learn how to prescribe and interpret the postures.

The flip side of sitting on the floor is the arising from the floor. Being able to arise from the floor with power and poise is a profound exercise sequence. Please wear clothes you can move in and bring a towel/cushion.  

Requirement: A treatment table for demonstration, a Data projector (I use a Mac), I suggest participants wear gym or otherwise clothes they can move in, and bring a pillow and towel. It is a floor based workshop so chairs will be unnecessary.